If a field in your project captures the right data, but a different title would more accurately describe what's being captured, you can simply rename the field. Renaming the field involves first hiding the column, and then showing it again with the new field name.

  • Make a note of the current name of the field that you are renaming.
  • Right-click the column header for the field you are renaming, and then clickHide column. The column will disappear from the current view, but the data that the column contained is still safely stored in the database.
  • Click the column header for the column that you want to appear to the right of the field you're renaming.
  • On the Insert menu, click Column.
  • Click the original name of the field, which you noted previously, in the Field name list.
  • Type the new name for the field in the Title box.
  • Click OK to rename the field.

Note: The new name will be used for the current view only. If you have this field displayed in multiple views, you may want to rename the field using these steps in the other views, as well.


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