Custom column to calculate ‘Number of Days Worked’ based on a User Defined Field

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  To calculate the 'Number of Days Worked' by an employee in the organization based on the User Defined Field selection in Timesheet.

  Replicon by default offers to have one 'Hours Per Day' option in the User Profile. But in a situation where people work different number of hours per day based on the location they are working, a simple solution is suggested.

  For example : If a person has to work 7.5 Hours per Day when he is in Location I and 12 Hours Per Day if he is in Location II.
A Used Defined Field at Timesheet Row Level can be created by the name 'Location'. Let this be of drop-down type with Location I and Location II as the option (we can set Location I as Default if that is the place where majority of the people will work).
Now in a report (Timesheet Detail Report), we can create a custom column that will have the given formula :


                 where TotalHours = Total hours worked for that period
                       HoursPerDay = hours per day set in the User Profile

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