What does this setting do?


To comply with DCAA requirements, the "Require comments for timesheet changes" check box on the DCAA Compliance tab must be enabled. When this option is enabled, users are required to enter comments for any changes they make to a timesheet after submission. Plus, substitute users must enter comments for changes they make to another user's timesheet at any time (even prior to submission).


What DCAA requirements does this setting meet?

Enabling this setting helps meet the following DCAA requirements:


  • Any corrections to timekeeping records are documented, including authorizations and approval
  • Changes are initialed2, authorized, and dated by the employee and supervisor, and include a description of the reason for the change.


Where can I change this setting?

This setting can be configured on the DCAA Compliance tab of the System Preferences page





1. If you turn off this setting, Web TimeSheet will still prompt for change comments; however, the comments will not be required.


2 : Because Web TimeSheet is an automated timekeeping system, there are no actual initials/signatures. Initialization occurs when the approver/employee enters a change comment and saves/approves the timesheet.  For timesheets, authorization occurs when the user is notified of the changes and takes appropriate action (either addresses the issue with the individual who made the change, or does nothing).

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