Custom column for calculating Holiday Overtime based on Work Hours

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  Calculating Holiday Overtime Hours based on certain conditions using the Timesheet Detail Report

  Conditions for the Overtime Calculation :
If user works on a Holiday, the total hours worked should by multiplied by 2.5.
If user does not work on a Holiday, the populated hours should be shown as it is.

  Custom column created to satisfy above condition in Timesheet Detail Report :

IF (TimeOffName="<DefaultTimeoffTypeName>",(PayrollOnlyHours*2.5),TimeOffHours)
  where 1) <DefaultTimeoffTypeName> is the Time off Type Name set as Default in Time off Types. Ex : "Holiday" or "Standard Holiday"
           2)  PayrollOnlyHouors = Hours Worked
           3)  TimeOffHours = Time off Hours automatically populated due to holiday

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