‘Timecard Audit Trail’ Timecard Report is not available in Web Timesheet.

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In Web Timesheet certain timecard reports may not be available eg., 'Timecard Audit Trail' Report. To add this report follow these steps:

1) Add new folder called Timecard Reports – Select Setup > Select Manage Reports – Add Folder – you can call it Timecard Reports 
Now open the Add New Report page: 
– Select 'Setup > Add Report' from the side menu.

2) Complete the Basic Information section: 

-Enter a name Timecard Audit Trail (and description, if desired) for the report in the Report Name and Description fields. 
-In the Folder list, choose the 
Timecard Reports folder.

3) Complete the Report Access Level section by choosing one of the following options, 
-Public Report: 

The report will be available to all users who have the report enabled in their permissions. If you select this option, enable the check box next to each permission profile you want the report to be accessible to. To make the report available within all of the permission profiles, select 'Select All or Administrator or All Reports, or other permissions as you like, users with these permissions in their profile will be able to view this folder & this report.'. 

-Private Report: 

Report will only be available to the user who created it. 
The Private Report option only displays if the user has 'Add/Delete Private Reports' permission. You can only specify whether a report is public or private when first creating the report. You cannot change this setting after the report is created unless you save the report under a new name. 

4) From the 'Template to Base Report On' section, select 'Timecard Audit Trail' template. 

5) Editing the report settings determine what data is included in the report and how it is displayed. Most of these settings can be edited after the report is added. 

6) Select 'Save' and the new report is added to the folder you selected.




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