According to Toronto government, the Stat holidays or Public holidays for a user does not depend on the number of Hours Per Day, set under the user's profile in Web TimeSheeet, by default, the standard 8 hours, which is a constant value throughout all the time off types in the application. The hours per day for a user varies between 7 to 15 hours and depend on the user's individual past 4 week's hours data. The entitled Stat Days hours for an individual would be the user's Hours Worked or Billable Hours + Non-billable Hours + Vacation time off type + Stat Holiday time off type, which would involve the following formula,

(Billable Hours + Non-billable Hours + Vacation Hours + Stat Day Hours) * 4 / 20

For example, a user is entitled stat day hours would be as follow,

Assuming that a user's regular work hours per week is 44 hours and any hours over 44 is overtime, let's say the user has worked 44 hours / week, for the past 4 weeks then,

44 * 4 = 176

176 / 20 = 8.8

User's entitled Stat Day hours = 8.8


1. Click the Reports tab at the top menu bar.
2. Select the Timesheet Details report as an example, from the Time Reports category.
3. On the Timesheet Details report's page, click the Settings button.
4. The Edit Report page appears.In the Columns tab on this page, scroll down to the bottom, to the Custom Columns section.
5. Click the Add button in this section and type a name to this new custom column.
6. Paste the formula furnished below,

if (IsNull(TimeOffName), BillableHours +NonBillableHours,If (TimeOffName="Vacation Time", (TimeOffHours + BillableHours + NonBillableHours), If(TimeOffName="Stat Holiday",(TimeOffHours+BillableHours + NonBillableHours), BillableHours + NonBillableHours)))

7. Click Save & Run Report to review the report output.

Note: Ensure to choose the appropriate date range from the report's Date Range filter.

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