Web TimeSheet administrator wants to setup a permission in such a way that one of the user's in the company needs to have all the administrative privileges but cannot have the permission to view, reopen, edit, delete, submit and reject historical expenses. Also the user needs to have access to all the reports and data of all the users. However the user cannot have access for expense reports.

In order to meet all the above requirements you will need to create a new permission based on the administration permission. In it you will need to deny the permissions to view, reopen, edit, delete, submit and reject historical expenses. In the same permission you will need to setup the reports section in such a way that the user has the access to see the data of all the users upon running the report as well as you will need to deny the access to expense reports.

In order to setup the permission follow the steps:

  • Log into the Web TimeSheet as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration tab in top menu.
  • Click on Permissions under the Users/Departments section in the side menu.
  • Then click on the Add button at the bottom of the Permissions screen.
  • In the Name field enter a unique name for the permission and if required enter a brief description in the Description field.
  • Click on the drop down beside Based On and select Administrator (or name of the existing administrator permission).
  • In the System tab expand the Administration section by clicking on '+'.
  • Locate Historical Expenses and uncheck Submit, Reopen, Approve, Reject, Edit and Delete check boxes.
  • Click on the Reports tab.
  • Expand the Reports by clicking on '+'.
  • Put a check mark beside Can View All Report Data.
  • Click on Reports tab locate Expense Reports and uncheck the check box beside it.
  • Click on Save.

After creating this permission you have to edit the users profile and enable this permission in the Permissions section under the Access tab.

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