Is there an option to exclude holiday time in Best Of overtime rule?

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Yes from version 8.25.7 onwards, when setting up the Best Of overtime template, administrators can choose whether hours worked on holidays are included in the work week hours total.  They are likely to exclude these hours if they are already paying overtime for time worked on holidays through another rule.

The Best-Of OT rule previously always included holiday hours when determining the total for work week overtime calculations. Some customers don’t want these overtime hours to be included in the weekly total, as they are already included in overtime under the Holiday rule.  The consider these hours to be double counted when they are also used for weekly OT calculations.
Hours worked on holidays won’t be double counted for overtime calculations.

This option will only address the issue if all hours worked on a holiday are marked as OT.  If there is a threshold (eg anything over 3 hours is OT), there is no way to ensure the first 3 hours are included in work week count, but additional hours are not.

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