How to obtain the Company Create Time and Version number to generate the IIF file in Web TimeSheet?

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The pre-requisite for generating a IIF file to integrate Web TimeSheet with QuickBooks are,
Field Name :- Description 

Company :- Your company name in QuickBooks. 

Company Create Time: :- The unique number that identifies your company in your version of QuickBooks. 

Ver: :- The version number of your QuickBooks. 

Rel: :- The release number of your QuickBooks. 

These details can be obtained by performing the steps below,

– Open QuickBooks. 

– Select File > Utilities > Export > Timer lists
– Once the IIF file is saved Open the file in Notepad.
This is where you will find the details required by Web TimeSheet to generate the IIF file which can be later imported into QuickBooks.


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