What are implications of cancelling Month-To-Month plan ?

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If you cancel a Month-To-Month plan in the middle of a month of usage, your bill for that month will be prorated based on how much of the month you used.
For example…
If you signed up on June 15 and cancel 5 days later on June 20, you will be billed for 5 days only:
5 days used / 30 days in the month = 1/6
Therefore, you will be charged for 1/6 of the monthly cost, based on your peak usage during those 5 days.
If you cancel on the same day as you sign up, you we not be billed anything.
To cancel your Month-To-Month plan:
Open the Manage Account page.
Select Administration from the top menu.
Select Manage Account from the side menu.
Select Change your Plan.
Select the Cancel your Plan link.

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