I deleted a time off request and re-added it. But doing this reopens the timesheets that is already approved.

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Issue: I deleted a time off request and added it again. But doing this reopens the timesheet that is already approved.

Reason: Time off is a part of your timesheet. Hence when there is a time off request in a given timesheet period, you will first need to approve the time off and only then you will be able to approve the timesheet.

Therefore, when you delete a time off request it will reopen the timesheet.

Solution: You will need to first approve the time off request that was added and then resubmit the timesheet. Now you will be able to re-approve the timesheet.

Note: If the time off request spans across two different timesheet periods, then both the timesheets will be reopened. Hence you will need to resubmit both timesheets and then approve the same.

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