Since Web Timesheet does not record any project's create date, we can make one of the User Defined Fields as a start date recorder, which will automatically populate the project's create date whenever a new project is created.

To create a UDF and assign it as a Project's Start Date recorder, follow the steps given below :-
– Click on 'Administration' icon and select 'Users/Departments' box and then click on 'User Defined Fields'.
– Click on 'Project/Task' tab under User Defined Fields.
– Click on any of the unused UDF fields.
    This will open the 'User Defined Field Settings for Project/Task' window
– Fill the Name as " Project Start Date "
– Select 'Type' as "Date" from the available drop down.
– Leave the 'From' and 'To' boxes blank.
– Let the 'Default Value' box to have the word " $Today "
– Ensure 'Required' and 'Enabled' boxes are checked.
– Click on Save to save the settings for this UDF.

  Now when you create a new project, this UDF will automatically populate the current date and will be visible under the "Edit Project Structure" window.

   Note : If you delete the " $Today " command from Default Value box, then you will have to manually input the date every time you create a project.

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