A server error shows up when when user tries to change the password in the Web TimeSheet

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User gets a Server Error when he tries to change the password in the Change Password? section of Settings (located at top right corner beside logout button).

This issue occurs when there is no email address specified in that particular user's profile.

To update the email address of a user in the users profile:

  • Login as administrator.
  • Click on Administration tab in the top menu.
  • Click on Users under Users/Departments.
  • Locate the user who is facing the issue and click on Edit beside the username.
  • In the users profile update a valid email address in Internal E-mail Address
  • Click Save?.

The user cannot update the email address in Change Email Address under Settings when logged in as the user. This option will not be available until an email address is added to the users profile from administrator login.

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