Unable to publish Resources from Web Resource to Web TimeSheet

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Admin creates Resources and a Project with multiple tasks in Web Resource. After trying to publish the Project along with the Resources to Web TimeSheet, the Project and tasks get transferred to Web TimeSheet but the Resources do not.


In Web Resource, click on 'Project Publishing History' and have a look at the error logs. The error reads  'ERROR | An unexpected error occured: $errornumber: Replicon.Util.Validation.Validation Exception: Password must be at least 6 characters long.'

System Preferences window of Web TimeSheet has 'Password minimum length' set to 6. Resources added in Web Resource had password less than 6 characters. To resolve the issue, Resources added within Web Resource should have a minimum password length of 6 characters or change the 'Password minimum length' in System Preferences screen of Web TimeSheet to 1.

Another work around will be to create the users in Web Timesheet and then try to publish.

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