In any Productivity report, is it possible to show the ‘billable target’ of users for whom no ‘billable target’ has been ente

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A Project leader/Administrator forgets to set the 'Target Billable Hours' for a user and still wants to view the missed data i.e. zero with the productivity report. To enter the productivity target follow the steps given below.

– Open the "User Productivity"page. 
– Select ' Projects ' from the top menu. 
– Select ' Productivity ' > ' Productivity Targets ' from the side menu. 
– Set the 'Target Billable Hours' for users. 


It is possible to include users with targets of zero in Web TimeSheet 8.23.5 and above.

– Run the 'Productivity Details' or 'Productivity Summary' report.
– Enable the filter 'Productivity Targets'.
– Once enabled, select the radio button 'Show Billable Targets of Zero'.
– Click on 'Run Report'.


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