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If you know an approver is assigned the correct permissions, but they're unable to carry out approvals as expected, the problem may be that there are overriding permissions defined for the approval path in use. The permissions enabled in an approval path take precedence over the permissions enabled in the approver's permission profile.  To check if this is the problem, first check which approval path is in use:


  1. Select Administration from the top menu, and then click Users/Departments > Users in the side menu.

  2. Click the Edit_Icon.gif icon next to the name of the user who submitted the timesheet.

  3. When their profile displays, click the Advanced tab.

  4. In the Approvals section, note what the Timesheet Approval Path field is set to.

Then, check if override permissions are in effect in that path:

  1. Select Approval Setup > Approval Path from the side menu.

  2. Click the Edit_Icon.gif icon next to the name of the user’s assigned approval path.

  3. Check whether Override approver's permissions is checked for the approval path, and if it is, what permissions are in effect.


Modify the approval path permissions, if required. But, be sure that any changes you make are applicable to all users who are assigned that approval path.