‘QuickBooks did not process the request’ Error while transferring time information to QuickBooks

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While doing time entry transfer from Web Timesheet to QuickBooks for billing purpose, the transfer fails with error message " QuickBooks did not process the request to save Time Entry for User ".

This error comes up when we are trying to transfer time entry for an employee who has 'Create Paychecks using time data' enabled in QuickBooks.

Create a timesheet period for that user in Quickbooks. To do so, follow the steps given below :-
 – Open QuickBooks
 – Open the correct company file.
 – On the top menu click on Employees.
 – Once all the names of the employees are displayed, double click on the name of the employee for whom the data was not transferred
 – Under Change Tabs, select 'Payroll and Compensation Info'
 – Uncheck 'Use time data to create paychecks'
 – Save this setting.
 – Now run the integration manager again and you should be able to transfer data without any errors.

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