Is there a report which has a column for ‘Entry Day’?

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Web TimeSheet has a in-built Entry Date column but there is no column under setting for Entry Day. Let’s say user enters 8 hours on March 16, 2011, there is built-in column to pull the date but not the day. However, you can create custom column using the below formula which can display the day (Monday, Tuesday….Sunday), user entered 8 hours on timesheet.

if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 1,"Sunday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 2,"Monday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 3,"Tuesday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 4,"Wednesday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 5,"Thursday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 6,"Friday","") +
if(mod(DayDiff(Date(2007,1,1),EntryDate)+1,7)+1 = 7,"Saturday","")


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