A few of the employees in our organization are part-time employees. They work 3 days a week. They work for 10 hours a day for 2 days and for 8 hours on the third day. They also work on every alternate Saturday for 4 hours. In other words, their average work week is 30 hours. Since they do not work for a constant number of hours every day, how should they book time off for those days they do not work?

The first step is to create a time off policy for the appropriate time off for those employees with the correct initial balance, accrual, reset and maximum limit values, if any. The second step is to define the time off policy in hours. The third step is to change the default hours per day for the users to 10. The users can then use the option “Partial day off” to book time off. For example, if they want to book a time off for those days they are expected to work 10 hours, they can select the option “Partial day off” and enter the value 10 while booking a time off.


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