1. Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator or project leader/project manager.
  2. Click the Projects icon at the top menu bar.
  3. Select all the projects or a group of project for mass edit (Refer to solution: How to Mass Edit Projects?).
  4. Click the Tasks button at the bottom, in the Mass Edit section.
  5. On the Edit Multiple Projects page, navigate to the Billing Status section.
  6. Select all the tasks from the Available Tasks list.
  7. Click the Add selected tasks button (represented by an icon of arrows pointing towards the right).
  8. The selected tasks is populated on the Tasks to Edit section.
  9. Click the Continue button at the bottom.
  10. On the Edit Multiple Tasks page, navigate to the Billing Status section.
  11. This section has the following status – BillableNon-billable & Both.
  12. Click the drop-down to choose an option and click Save at the bottom.


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