When time is entered against ‘Sub-task’ then report ‘Task Name’ column will display only the Sub-task name. Let’s say you have ‘Project A’. It has 2 tasks as follows,

Task 1

Task 2

Each ‘Task’ has one Sub-task which is

Sub-task 1.1

Sub-task 2.1

Let’s say user entered time against ‘Sub-task 1.1’ on timesheet.

When you run report with the following Report ‘Settings’ selected,

User Name

Project Name

Task Name

Project / Task (Full Path)

Total Hours.

It would display ‘Sub-task 1.1’ under ‘Task Name’ column and ‘Project A / Task 1 / Sub-task 1.1’ under ‘Project / Task (Full Path) ‘.

There is no built-in column in report ‘Settings’ which displays both the Task Name and Sub-task as ‘Task 1 /Sub-task1.1’.

However, there is a work around.

You can create a custom column using the below formula which displays both ‘Task/Sub-task’ name under ‘Task Name’ column in report when the time is entered against ‘Sub-task’.

Custom Formula:


mid (FullTaskName, Find (FullTaskName, "/")+1, len (FullTaskName) – Find (FullTaskName, "/") -1)



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