Unable to find the ‘Unsubmit’ button on the timesheet

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A user submits the timesheet and after few days wishes to recall the submitted timesheet in-order to make some changes to the hours recorded against a specific project. The user is unable to find the Unsubmit button on the timesheet. However, the user was able to see this button on the day when the timesheet was submitted.

The approval status of the timesheet was Waiting on the day when the user submitted the timesheet however, the approval status of the timesheet is Approved hence, the user does not see the Unsubmit button on the timesheet anymore. Users cannot recall their submitted timesheets after it is being approved by the approver or supervisor.

An approved cannot be reopened by the user nor the approver or supervisor who approved the timesheet, it can only be reopened or rejected by the Web TimeSheet administrator. Hence, send a request to the Web TimeSheet administrator to reopen or reject the timesheet for further editing. Alternatively, the Web TimeSheet administrator can decide on granting additional capability to users to reopen their timesheets even after it is being approved. To allow users to reopen their own approved timesheet, follow the steps given below:

  • Select the Administration tab from the top menu bar.
  • Select Permissions from the left pane, under the Users/Departments category.
  • Edit the common permission profile that is assigned to most of the users. For example, the Exempt Time & Time Off permission profile.
  • Expand the Timesheet category and put a check mark next to Allow reopen of timesheet after approval sub-permission.
  • Click Save.

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