The import engine is a tool that aids to importing data into Web TimeSheet. This tool does not work with Web TimeSheet that is hosted by Replicon. There are 2 ways to import data into Web TimeSheet, that is hosted by Replicon.

Method 1:

  • Contact Replicon Support.
  • Request for the latest Web TimeSheet Import Guide.
  • Prepare the (.csv) file, following the guidelines specified in the Web TimeSheet Import Guide.
  • Send the (.csv) file to SUPPORT@REPLICON.COM along with the date format you use in Web TimeSheet (Ex: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY).
  • Our internal server team will perform the import for you.

Method 2:

  • Use the import feature that is available within the Web TimeSheet application.
  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Click the Integrations tab in the top menu.
  • Select CSV Import from the left pane, under the Imports category.
  • Click the following URL to visit our online help that guides you how to prepare the (.csv) and import into Web TimeSheet.

What are the prerequisites for importing data into Web TimeSheet?
The ?Web TimeSheet data import follows a set procedure before importing data into Web TimeSheet.
For example, to import users, the information that should be defined in Web TimeSheet are Departments, Employee Types, Holiday Calendars, Permissions, Currencies, Activities and Supervisors

For more information please refer to the import utility guide. You may also use the links given below.|ndx|nls|gls

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