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User defined fields are custom fields that can be used to collect information specific to organization.  Administrators have full access on the application.  However due to limited permissions, External users do not have the ability to setup or use User Defined field.

A User Defined Fields' type determines its data format. Fields can be of various types such as Dates, Drop-downs with predefined values, Numerical Value, or Text.  User Defined Fields can be created at the following level also the limited numbers are listed in parenthesis.

–  Entire TimeSheet (Limited to 5)
–  TimeSheet – Row Level (Limited to 5)
–  TimeSheet – Hour Level (Limited to 5)
–  TimeOff  (Limited to 5)

–  User Level (Limited to 50)
–  Project/Task (Limited to 20)
–  Department (Limited to 12)
–  Client (Limited to 12)
–  Employee Type (Limited to 20)