Why do some users see the clock icon next to the In and Out cells while using In-Out Timesheet and some users do not?

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The In-Out timesheet has a feature where you can capture the time you started working on a Task or a activity by clicking on the 'Clock' icon next to the cell. This feature is permission driven, if the permission assigned to the user allows him to use this functionality, the timesheet will display the clock icon. If you want to enable users to use the functionality, perform the steps below to grant them access to this feature.

– Log into Web TimeSheet with Administrative rights
– Click on the Administration icon on the top menu.
– Edit the users profile who would use the feature, make a note of the permission assigned.
– On the left hand menu, click on Permissions in the User/Departments category
– Edit the permission assigned to the user, expand the tree for timesheet and enable the Use the Stopwatch. Save the permission. 
Once this permission is saved the user will be able to use the feature. 
Note: Every time the user clicks on the icon to capture the time, he needs to click on Save.

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