Do the timesheets that have time entered only for project go through the approval path?

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-The <None> project will be available as the default project in the "Project/Task" column.
-The <None> project and <None> client option can be used when:
Organizations do have internal activities such as Hiring, Meeting, Training etc against which they would like to track the time spent which are Non Billable to company and also not associated to any Projects
You may want to look into the approval path assigned to the users in these situations.
-If the user has been assigned an approval path that has only project leader in it then the timesheet will get 'System' approved, because there is no time entered for a project.
-However in scenarios where you want user to enter time for internal activities then you need to configure the approval path assigned to them appropriately.
-That is, add another approver to the approval path who will approve time entered for activities.  This could be a specific user or the supervisor of the user entering time.
-Once you set-up the approval path with the supervisor or the specific user in it the timesheet will go to them for approval.

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