Error: QuickBooks did not process the request to save Time Entry for User

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On trying to transfer timesheets from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks the following error message shows up on the Integration Manager,

"QuickBooks did not process the request to save Time Entry for User"

This usually occurs if you are trying to transfer the timesheets for the first time into a QuickBooks company file which has just been setup. It is a function of Quickbooks to require that the user explicitly declare whether or not a particular employee does or does not use time data for payroll. It's worth noting that even if you have the option set in Company Preferences as unchecked the system still requires an explicit yes/no, either by answering the pop-up menu or by manually checking/unchecking the box in the employee record.


  • Open the employee and go to the Payroll and Compensation Info tab in QuickBooks, you should check the Use time data to create paychecks, then, while still on that screen, uncheck that checkbox if you do not need it. Then click Ok to save it, the "check/uncheck" step is used so that QuickBooks knows to actually save the data.
  • Alternately, you can open the Weekly time sheet in QuickBooks, select that employee, You will be prompted Will you like to set this…., select Yes or No. You don't have to do anything else, QuickBooks will record the change. 



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