Can I have a project report to show data based on certain keywords?

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I have created a project report based on Project Status template. I know that I can filter data based on Project Leader, Project Name etc. But I would like to filter data based on certain keywords. For example, a lot of projects have the word “PDS” included in them. I would like to run the report to show data only for those projects that have the word “PDS” in them.

Web TimeSheet does not support smart search feature or search based on keywords. To work around the issue, you can rename the projects a bit to ensure that the project names start with “PDS” or end with “PDS”. You can then create multiple custom columns having the same name as the standard fields that form part of the report. For example, create a custom column by name Client Name with the following custom column:

If (Right(ProjectName,3)=”PDS”,ClientName,”0”)

If the last 3 characters of the project name are “PDS”, the report shows the client name for the project. Similarly, you can create multiple columns like Project Name, Billable Hours, Percentage Complete etc. depending on your requirements. Once you setup all the custom columns, ensure that all the standard fields bearing the same names are disabled.

More Information:
The limitation of this approach is that the report will generate a lot of blank rows in the beginning. These blank rows will be followed by actual data. The user can export the report to Excel and manually remove the blank rows.


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