Unable to view the Historical Time Off section under Administration in Web TimeSheet

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Historical Time Off is a features which will display Time Off booking data for the following statuses: Approved, Not Submitted, Waiting, Open.  A user with administration permission will be able to view historic data of other users in the system, provided you have Time & Attendance Seat assigned. If the Web TimeSheet administrator is unable to view the Historical Time Off option under Administration > Shortcuts then verify if Time & Attendance license seat is assigned. To enable the Time & Attendance license seat for the administrator, follow the steps given below:

  • Login with administrative privileges.
  • Click Users on the left pane.
  • Edit the administrator's user account who is not able to view Historical Timesheets and Historical Time Off sections in the application.
  • Put a checkmark next to Time & Attendance license seat under the Access tab in the Edit User page.
  • Click Save.

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