A user accesses Web TimeSheet using Internet Explorer 7 and upon switching from Icon mode to Text mode at the top menu bar of the application (refer the image below), user notices that the Reports tab and Integrations tab at the top, overlap with the Try Smart Interface and Switch User options at the top right corner. Refer the attached screenshot for illustration (Image.png).

The issue is not specific to which web browser you are using or display DPI settings or screen resolution is set in your operating system (must meet at the least a minimum 1024×768 screen resolution) however, is due to the Zoom feature in the browser.

Switch back from Text mode to Icon mode, at the top menu bar.

In Internet Explorer, you can adjust the Zoom levels in 3 ways,

  • Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then move the Scroll Wheel up and down, on the mouse to increase and decrease the zoom levels respectively.
  • Click the View menu at the top menu bar of the browser > Zoom > Adjust the zoom levels.
  • Alternatively, adjust the zoom levels at the bottom right corner of the web browser as shown in the following images,

Note: Recommended zoom levels would be 91% on Internet Explorer and anything above this level would cause overlap of text at the top menu bar, when in Text mode.


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