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User has been given permission to view a Time Report and can view the report except the column named 'Billable Hours'. Moreover, he is unable to locate the 'Billable Hours' option when he clicks on 'Settings' tab of Report as it appears to be missing from the Settings tab of the Report too. How do we make the user view the 'Billable Hours' column?

This is related to Permissions. Please follow the below steps to fix the issue.

– Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
– Click the 'Administration' icon on the top menu bar.
– Select 'Permissions' from the left pane, under the 'Users/Departments' category.
– Edit the permission profile by double-clicking the permission name that is assigned in the user's settings. 
– Click the 'Reports' tab, on the 'Edit Permissions' page.
– Expand the 'Reports' category by clicking the '+' symbol next to it.
– Check the option 'Show billable hours' sub-permission.
– Click 'Save'.