If a day is declared as a Holiday in the Calender, that day auto populates in the timesheet for all users. Instead of that day being a Holiday, the system deducts that days balance from Vacation Time off Type.

This will happen in a situation, where the default time off type is set to "Vacation" in time off types global settings and the "Holiday" time off type is not enabled.


  • Go to Time Off Setup and click on 'Time off Types".
  • On the top where it says " Time Off Type for Holidays is " choose "Holiday".
  • If there is a time off type by the name "Holiday" ensure that is enabled. If not, create a time off type by that name.

This will ensure that any "Holidays" auto populating from the calender, will fall under the "Holiday" time off type and not deduct the balance from "Vacation" time off.


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