Unable to record time on the offline timesheet attached with the e-mail notifications

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The offline timesheet is initiated in two ways, either from the respective users timesheet or is sent along with the users "Timesheet is due" or "Timesheet is overdue" e-mail notifications. This feature is useful for users who work from a client site or from remote locations where they do not have access the Web TimeSheet application. Once the users receive the e-mail notification, they see an HTML file attachment along with the e-mail. Users save this file, to a convenient location on their computer and then open it using Internet Explorer, record time on the HTML file interface and they can send the data back to their original timesheet in Web TimeSheet.

User opens the HTML file that is received as an attachment along with the the Timesheet is due or Timesheet is overdue email notifications in Web TimeSheet and finds that there is a timesheet row on the HTML file with all the hours marked as '0' and the time slots seem locked and not editable.

The Offline feature works only when there is a value on the timesheet; the timesheet cannot be empty, hence the offline feature is recommended only for users who record time against activity or tasks. The timesheet must have at least one open task or activity, for the offline functionality to generate the Offline Timesheet as designed. If users do not work against tasks or activity then they must have at least one time slot with hours against it. In-order to avail the offline feature for these users, it is recommended to start using activities. Users may record their time against any generic activity like Administration, HR, Automation, Design, etc.


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