Timesheet does not generate for one specific user

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Unable to generate timesheets, clearing the browser cache and cookies doesn't help. The issue can be reproduced even on a new browser. Users timesheets does not get generated after a particular date even through the historical timesheets section.
One of the possible reasons is if the currency exchange rate for a particular currency was setup, which means that an end date is setup by the system for the previous exchange rate. If the newly setup currency rate is deleted and nothing replaces that then it effectively means that there is no exchange rate in effect. Any entries referring to this currency fails to load the timesheet.
Create a new exchange rate for the currency so that the system can refer to the newly generated exchange rate and then pull up the entries and thus display the timesheet. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue,
  • Click on the Administration icon
  • On the left hand menu click on Currencies in the System category.
  • Click on the Edit icon next to the currency.
  • Click on Edit icon next to the Exchange Rate.
  • Click on Add
  • Set the new exchange rate
  • Click on Save.
  • Click on Done.


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