Expense Details report does not show any data only for a specific period?

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The expense date is used to identify the expense sheet for reporting purposes, and is a required field. In the Expense Date filter a specific date can be selected by users when entering expenses. The best practice is to suggest users to enter the Calendar Date, though the system allows to select any date for convenience.

The incurred date is the date the expense was incurred (e.g., date on the receipt). It is possible that you may not be able to generate any data when you run the "Expense Detail" report though there are expenses submitted for that period.

It is possible that you are running the report with the Expense Date filter turned on and users may have entered different expense dates on their expense sheet and not the Calendar Date.

If you know the Incurred Date you may enable the incurred date filter in the report settings, select the incurred date in the Date Range filter and run the report or go to historical expenses screen and open the expense sheet to find the Expense Date and then run the report by selecting the correct expense date in the date range filter.


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