Unable to save timesheet on Firefox

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The user can enter time in Web TimeSheet in Firefox. However when he clicks on Save on the timesheet, the page goes blank and then comes back with time entries being completely blank. However, when the user tries to save timesheet on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, he is able to do so.

It is due to add ons which prevent the timesheet to be saved on Firefox.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Start –> All Programs –> Mozilla Firefox –> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).
  • From the options put a checkmark beside Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults.
  • Click on Make Changes and Restart.
  • Once Firefox is restarted, click on Tools –> Add-ons.
  • Check for any add-on related to AOL Toolbar, Skype Toolbar, AVG and if found disable them.
  • Restart Firefox and login to Web TimeSheet and then enter time.

Note: Make sure that we do not click on Continue in Safe Mode, else the change would be only be applicable for that particular session.


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