In Web TimeSheet, the Copy From may not be available when DCAA Compliance is enabled because of the following reason. DCAA Compliance disables the permission Timesheet – Allow copying of previous timesheets. If DCAA features need to be enabled but must not restrict users from copying data from previous timesheets, then follow the steps below:

  • Log in as an Administrator or with Admin credentials.
  • Click on Administration located in the top Menu.
  • Click on Permissions in the Left Menu located under User / Departments section.
  • On the Permission screen, edit the permission assigned to the user.
  • Expand the TimeSheet permission in the Edit Permission screen.
  • Enable the option Allow copying from previous timesheets.
  • Click on Save.
Note: Once changes are made to any permissions, the changes will be reflected for all the users who have been assigned that permission.

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