How to auto-populate Employee ID on users timesheets?

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Timesheets in Web TimeSheet display only the First and Last name of the respective user but does not display their Employee ID however, some companies may require this information for various reasons.

Web TimeSheet currently does not have a feature to auto-populate the respective users' Employee ID on their respective timesheets however; a workaround can be implemented to achieve this requirement in Web TimeSheet.

Workaround 1:

  • Create a timesheet level user defined field of type drop-down and add all the users' Employee ID to this drop-down list.
  • Users will have to manually select their respective Employee ID from the drop-down before they submit their timesheets and they will have to ensure that they have selected the right ID.
  • If we need to restrict users from manually selecting their respective Employee ID from the drop-down list, then proceed to the next workaround given below.

Workaround 2:

  • As the Employee ID is unique to employees, the best way automate this process is to add the Employee ID to the last name of the user in their respective user profiles hence, when the Timesheets get generated, the Employee ID is displayed, next to the last name of the employee, on their timesheets.

Note: After transferring time data from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks for payroll and when cutting pay checks the Employee ID is also included in the pay check, which is not a norm however, this does not affect the direct deposits made by the employers.


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