Multiple selection of items can be applied only for PermissionsLicense Seat Assignment, Weekly Days Off and Email Notifications, when importing users to Web TimeSheet. The following examples describe how to import multiple selection of items into a user profile.
For the Permissions column add multiple columns as Add User Permission,
Login Name,Add User Permission, Add User Permission, Add User Permission,Add User Permission
jpeter,Supervisor,Exempt Time & Time Off,Expense,Schedule User
gsally,,Exempt Time & Time Off,Expense,Schedule User
mtyler,Supervisor,Exempt Time & Time Off,Expense,

For the License Seat Assignment column add multiple columns as Add Seat Assignment,
Login Name,Add Seat Assignment,Add Seat Assignment,Add Seat Assignment,Add Seat Assignment

Note: Multiple departments associations or additional/secondary departments cannot be imported through the CSV Import feature, only the Primary Department can be imported. In-order to import the secondary departments, it is recommended to either update them user by user, using the Web TimeSheet interface (under each individual User Profile) or contact Support at 1-877-662-2519 x 2 to discuss the requirement and send the formatted CSV file to SUPPORT@REPLICON.COM to upload the data to your Web TimeSheet instance using the conventional import engine, which allows importing secondary departments.


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