Web TimeSheet administrators can also grant users to edit their own approved time off bookings that they had taken in the past and would like to do few changes to it now. To enable the permission under the user profile, follow the steps given below:
  • Login as administrator.
  • Click on Permissions under Users/Departments on the side menu.
  • In the list of permissions, click on the required permission to edit.
  • Expand the Time Off section.
  • Select Edit/delete past time off bookings permission.
  • Click Save.
With this permission, users are allowed to edit any booking associated with a timesheet for which approval has not yet begun. If a timesheet is partially or fully approved, they can still edit a booking for that timesheet period by first reopening the associated timesheet, provided they have Allow reopen of timesheet after approval permission. Users can edit bookings via their time off calendar, or via their My Time Off Bookings page. Edited bookings and reopened timesheets re-enter the approval process from the beginning.
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