• User books time off against a wrong time off type and this time off booking need to be migrated to the right time off type.
  • Users have already booked time off against a specific time off type for more than a year now and going forward, the users must use the new time off type.
Note: The previous time off type cannot be deleted because they have past time off booking under this time off type. Hence, the recommendation would be disable it, rather than to delete the old time off type. Retaining the old time off type will be useful when reporting on users' historic time off bookings, accruals and balance information.
  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Click the Administration menu at the top menu bar.
  • Select Historical Time Off from the left pane, under the Shortcuts category.
  • Use the Search feature below, on this page, to search for users' time off bookings; type in either the first or last name of the user.
  • Click the View button (represented by a notepad and magnifying glass icon) next to the respective time off booking.
  • The Time Off Booking page appears. Click the Edit button on this page.
  • Update the right Time Off Type from the drop-down.
  • Click Submit Changes button.
  • You are taken back to the Historical Time Off page; highlight the updated time off booking and click the Approve button at the bottom of the page or click the Approve button (represented by a green icon with a check mark in it) next to the time off booking.
  • Review the Related Items section below, in this knowledge base to know more about how to disable email notification globally within Web TimeSheet?
Note: Users will get a duplicate email notifications, with the subject line as "Your time off booking has been approved". This will be a duplicate email notification since the time off booking was already approved once, in the past. Hence, in-order to avoid duplication of email notification and causing confusion with the users, disable the 'Time off booking is approved' e-mail notification temporarily from Web TimeSheet, until the changes have been applied in the users' time off bookings and approved. Ensure to enable the email notification once this process is complete.


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