Tasks are missing from many projects which are in Open status. The Project Structure information is incomplete and random tasks are not displayed in the application.

Missing currency exchange rate cause the application GUI to appear like it had the tasks missing in the timesheet and the project. In this specific case the CAD$ Currency initial value was changed which caused an error and hence the associated tasks were not reflecting in any part of the GUI.

To avoid this behavior from occurring again, use a date in the Effective Date field so that the currency value overlapping is avoided. The overlap of this value causes the tasks to disappear.

  • Change the base currency to a different currency. (eg: from CAD$ to USD$).
  • Change the currency defined in the default rate of the Project. (eg: from CAD$ to AUD$).
  • Now delete and re-create the old base currency (in this example its the CAD$) with the same value.
  • Revert the changes made in step 1 and step 2.
  • Navigate to the project screen to confirm issue resolution.


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