How do I setup a validation rule that restricts overdraw of the included time off type?

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Some time off types do not require a prior booking, like sick time. However, these time off types may have a limit to the maximum overdraw. This means that an employee may not be able to apply for a specific time off type more than their stipulated balance.

All time off types that do not require a booking can be added to the TimeSheet and there is no specific approval required. Hence when the TimeSheet gets approved, the Time Off is also approved. So when the user exceeds their Time Off taken balance, the system will only display a warning message, highlighted in red color, but will not prevent the user from submitting the TimeSheet and thus having the Time Off approved.

The only way such incidence can be prevented is by ensuring that the Time Off types are setup with the option 'Booking Required'. ( If 'Booking Required' is enabled, you will be expected to enable 'Display On Calendar' as well). All Time Off request that go through the booking process, will have a validation constraint which ensures that a user does not request for a Time Off for which he is no longer entitled to.

The system will throw an warning message if the user's balance is exceeded, indicating that he no longer can request for this Time Off type anymore.

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