To export multiple time off bookings to Microsoft Outlook, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Export Approved Time Off to Outlook page.
  • If you would like only your own time off to be exported, enable the Only include my time off check box.
  • Select the time frame that the exported bookings fall within.
  • Select Export. A File Download dialog box displays.
  • Save the file to your local machine. This file contains the time off data to be imported into Outlook.
  • Open Outlook.
  • Double-click the saved file. An Outlook appointment that includes the time off data displays.
  • In Outlook, select Save and Close to save the appointment in your Outlook calendar.

Note: When selecting the time frame, choose from on of the following,

  • All Future – All bookings for time off that has not yet been taken are exported.
  • Current Month – All bookings that occur (even partially) within the current month are exported.
  • Specify Start and End Dates – All bookings that fall entirely within the defined period are exported.


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