Does Employee ID auto-populate when an employee logs into Web TimeSheet?

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Web TimeSheet administrator wants to setup the Web TimeSheet application in such a way that,  whenever an employee logs into Web TimeSheet to enter time, the Employee ID should auto-populate in the timesheet.

As of now this feature is not available in the Web TimeSheet application. However a feature request can be submitted using the link below:
There is a work around for this issue where in the user defined fields feature can be used to create a user defined filed at the timesheet level and this can be used to capture the employee id of the users in the timesheet. Follow these steps in order to implement the workaround:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration icon.
  • Select User Defined Fields in the Timesheet Setup section. 
  • Then select the Timesheet tab in the User Defined Fields page.
  • Select the Edit icon next to Unused in the Entire Timesheet section.
  • In the User Defined Field Settings for Entire Timesheet page, provide a name for the user defined filed in the Name filed.
  • Select Text in the drop down next to Type and then put a check mark next to Required.
  • Then click on Save.
Note: Once the user defined field is created, it needs to be enabled in one of the permission's (For Example: Non-Exempt Time & Time Off, Exempt Time & Time Off, Timesheet, etc…. ) that is common for all the users in the Web TimeSheet. Once the user defined field is enabled in the permission it will be visible in the users timesheets and the users will need to enter their employee id in this filed without which they will not be able to save or submit the timesheet.


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