Unable to integrate Web Resource with Web TimeSheet

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Web TimeSheet administrator would want the projects transferred from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource but gets the following error message while initiating the transfer process,
"Web TimeSheet is invalid, please check and provide the correct URL"
It is due to permissions which is assigned to the user. Integration does not happen even if secured browsing is unchecked.
To successfully establish connection between Web TimeSheet and Web Resource, follow the steps given below:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet using the credentials.
  • Go to the user profile and check the permission assigned to the user under Access.
  • After that go to permissions and enable Integration permission for that user type.
  • For example, if the user is a Supervisor and under User Profile he has the Supervisor Access, then we need to go to permissions and then edit the permissions for Supervisor and enable the Integration permission for Supervisor.
  • Then go to Web Resource and login as the user and under Administration click on Web TimeSheet Integration.
  • It would ask for the Web TimeSheet user name and the password and once entered it would show the integration screen.

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