Is it possible to report on the ‘Number of days’ worked for a specific timesheet period?

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Currently, there is no built-in column in report settings which gives you number of days worked by a user in a specific timesheet period rather it can give you number of hours worked by a user for a day.However, you can create custom column which can calculate number of days worked by user in a specific timesheet period,either based on ‘Hours per day’ or not based on ‘Hours per day’ value entered in the user’s profile.


  • Based on Hours per day

Web TimeSheet performs hours to day conversion based on the value entered in the hours per day field in the user's profile. It could be different value for different users. For example, let’s say ‘user A’ has ‘hours per day’ defined as ‘5 ‘and ‘user B’ has the same defined as ‘10’ in their profiles. Then the custom formula to calculate number of days in report is as follows:

Number of Days = Total hours (Built-in column available in report settings)/ hours per day (Built-in column available in report settings)

When ‘user A’ enters 50 hours in a weekly timesheet period (10 hours each day), Web TimeSheet would consider ‘user A’ worked for 10 days for that timesheet period but  ‘user B’is considered to be worked as 5 days as his hour’s per day is 10.

  • Not Based on Hours per day

If you want Web TimeSheet to consider any hours entered greater than zero as a day and it should not consider hours per day value defined in the user’s profile then use below custom formula. Then the custom formula to calculate number of days in report is as follows,

Number of Days: if((totalhours>0),1,0)

Mandatory fields or columns in the report are as follows:

  • Entry date column.
  • Enable Sum option for the custom column Number of Days under the Grouping tab.

In this scenario, user can enter any number of hours for a day; it would be treated as just one day provided the time entered should be greater than Zero.

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