Web TimeSheet command buttons are missing only when accessing it from Google Chrome?

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Upon logging into Web TimeSheet, the timesheet gets generated but the command buttons at the bottom like Save, Submit etc. are missing. This behavior is not found on any other browsers.

The issue occurs only when the Offer to save passwords option is enabled on the Google Chrome. When a user logs into Web TimeSheet, Chrome offers user to save their password by presenting a banner with option to remember password at the top of the webpage. The password banner pushes the whole webpage down, which hides the timesheet buttons at the bottom of the webpage.


  • When the password banner appears, choose an option to Remember or Never Remember, if the banner is closed, the banner will re-appear on the next login.
  • Disable the Offer to save passwords option by following the steps given below,
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  • Click on Options, choose Personal Stuff from the left pane.
  • Choose Never save passwords option next to Passwords.
  • Close the Options page.


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