The Overtime Hours are displayed on the top right corner below the total hours. The complete break-up of the overtime hours is displayed along with time associated with each pay-code. There could be scenarios when an administrator would want users to see only their over time hours and not the break-up of overtime with the pay-code involved.

The break up of over time hours with the associated pay-codes can be disabled by disabling Show Summary of Time by Pay Code the sub-permissions in the timesheet permission.

To disable the permission follow the steps given here:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Select Administration from the top menu bar.
  • Select Permissions from the left pane, under the Users/Departments section.
  • Click the Edit button beside the permission that needs to be changed and click on the '+' symbol next to the Timesheet permission.
  • Uncheck Show Summary of Time by Pay Code.


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