On entering time on the timesheet, for eg. 21:00 to 24:00, on the timesheet the time entries are not saved. Once you click on Save and try to navigate to another page it throws a pop up requesting to save the timesheet. On clicking on OK the pop up shows its saving the timesheet but on returning to the timesheet, time entries are not saved.

The hour entry 24:00 is not a valid time entry. The last time accepted for the day is 23:59 after which it technically is the next day and the time would be 00:00. If you enter 24:00 the timesheet does not recognize the time entries and hence it will not save the time entries or any changes made to the timesheet when you enter 24:00.

If you work till midnight the time entered should be 00:00 and not 24:00. If the time entry is a valid time and timesheet changes are still not being saved would request you to call our Support on the toll free numbers or email us at

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